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About the company

Business Concept

Victus Medical Clinic provides non-surgical aesthetic equipment to beauty clinics and dermatologists. We are committed to deliver the latest and safest aesthetic treatments to our end-user.

Our values

We have a close relationship with our customers as well the retail market. We believe that beauty comes from inside every individual and external beauty treatments goes hand in hand with health, diet and exercise.

Company History

Victus Medical Group has been active in health and well-being for 10 years, where work on prevention of stress factors on companies has been in our focus. With our individual-based health concept, as well as our recovery message chairs, Victus has helped over 3000 companies in Sweden to improve their health. Victus Effect has been developed over the years to become a comprehensive concept tailored to the individual’s specific needs for better health. Individual-based Healthcare, or IBF, is a three-year program where Victus’s clients, in consultation with our healthcare practitioners and doctors, chart, analyze and put in place a specific action plan for the individual – all to transfer people from the costly category ”risk group” to the profitable category ”healthy group ”. Our goal has increased profitability and well-being at the company. www.victuseffect.se

The development for Victus has never stopped. In 2007, the new Victus Clinic business area was launched. An area close to ”inner beauty”, health and well-being. Victus philosophy is based on a balance between inner and outer beauty. Through hundreds of delivered systems to various clinics and salons in Sweden, we have today helped tens of thousands of people in the pursuit of well-being. Our key to success is nothing but our proximity to our customers and our self-critical ability to get better. Our awareness that we are not perfect generates a greater endeavor to improve every day, something that permeates our entire organization. Victus Medical Group AB also has aesthetic courses at various colleges and schools around the country to deliver our concept.

Our Concept

It is a big and difficult decision to invest in aesthetic devices today. The market is a jungle, all have ”the best” and the investment in aesthetic devices is costly. The extremely rapid development also means that equipment with the technology we operate today is aging quickly and are replaced by more efficient and better solutions. With our unique concept we guarantee that you will always be operating with latest technology.

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