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Here you find an overview of our aesthetic systems and our skin care products. Click the buttons to sort by indication or type of product.

As the first in the Nordic region and one of the first in the world, Victus Medical presents the next-generation skin care, based on the individual's DNA. By doing a DNA test we have developed a unique formula together with our partners to compile the genetic weaknesses of the skin.

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Created by skin therapists - for skin therapists. The focus has been that skin care routines should feel simple and rewarding. When we developed Solution by Victus, we listened to experts, skin therapists and end customers, and we all think the same: simplicity and results!

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Solution by Victus has in its Professional Series developed 4 different pure acids, where the unique part is that the skin therapist herself combines the different acids to optimize the results for the individual skin condition.

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With a larger contact surface against the skin and a sweeping movement, treatments can be performed in only 1/3 of the time compared to traditional IPL. A variety of other indications can be treated - both painless and safe - which makes Cellox 20 a complete system for clinics.

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Perform an in-depth skin analysis, have customer records, and see skin development and fitness according to recommended treatments / products. Derma Scanner diagnoses the condition of the skin and shows in a simple and clear way what the skin is in need of.

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Diodus 808 is a diode laser which unlike traditional IPL, has a significantly lower operating cost with 10 million pulses in the applicator. Diode laser is a fast, safe and basically pain free method of hair removal. With Diodus you can also work on dark skin types.

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Fraxium 1550 Fusion is a fractional erbium-based laser with an intelligent software that allows you to work at different depths of the skin at the same time. Unlike classic CO2 laser, the convalescence is a few hours instead of days as the treatment is woundless.

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Omorphia 20 is a body sculpting system with four different hand-pieces that uses five different techniques: cavitation, infrared light, mechanical massage, radio frequency and vacuum massage. With this system, you can "sculpt" the body and treat fat deposits locally.

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Refine RF+ offers a comfortable and effective treatment that provides increased elasticity and luster in the skin. You can either pulse locally or swipe with the handle to cover larger areas. Refine RF+ gives a direct boost effect and you can treat all year and all skin types.

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Synergi+ is developed to further enhance the effect of Solution by Victus' professional products and is the perfect complement to traditional beauty treatments. This device enhances the results of your other treatments with its effective four-step treatment.

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