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Cellox 20

cellox 20

Cellox 20

The fastest system in the market for pain free hair removal

With a larger contact surface against the skin and with a sweeping movement, treatments can be performed in only one third of the time compared to traditional IPL. A variety of other indications can also be treated – both pain-free and safe – which makes Cellox 20 a complete beauty clinic system.

In addition, Cellox 20 is manufactured in Sweden and each unit is tested and CE-marked by Swedish specialists.

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cellox 20
Cellox technology - a painless development

Cellox 20 has a controlled pulse that is built up flash-fast to a safe level that is maintained for a long time (see figure). When the harmful pulse peaks are eliminated, treatment will be both safe and painfree. Combined with a thermo-electric cooling system, the risk of pain also decreases for sensitive skin.

Darker skin types

Since Cellox 20 uses significantly less power than traditional IPL, it minimizes the risks of pigmentation and burns, while achieving better results. Cellox 20 can also be used on darker skin types (up to skin type 6).

Cellox 20 indications:

  • Unwanted hair
  • Superficial vessels
  • Rosacea
  • Pigmentations
  • Age spots
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Acne (optional applicator)

Cooling system

Cellox 20 has an efficient thermo-electric cooling system for cooling the skin during treatment. This means, in addition to great efficiency, we can have a pain-free treatment and eliminate the risk of injuries even on darker skin.

Fast treatment

With Cellox 20, you get three different hand-pieces, one with a spot size of 15 x 50 mm, which, along with the sweeping mode of operation and the high pulse rate, make it faster to cover a large area, and treatment thus goes up to three times faster.


Life expectancy is 200,000 pulses for each hand-piece. As an option, you can also order specific optional wavelengths.

Technical Data

System type Cellox + IPL
Control Panel 8" TFT color touch
Crystal Sapphire
Repetition rate On-motion 1-10 Hz
Energy Density 2 – 25 J/cm2
Cooling -18° in < 5min
Number of pulses 200 000 pulses/applicator
Number of Applicators 3
Dimensions 50 x 40 x 140 cm
Weight 55 Kg

Hand piece

Spot size Treatment Wave-length
50 x 15 mm Hair removal 690-1200 nm
10 x 15 mm Hair removal 690-1200 nm
25 x 15 mm Skin rejuvenation
530-1200 nm


Vascular removal

1 treatment with Cellox 20.

Hair removal

4 treatments with Cellox 20.

Hair removal

2 treatments with Cellox 20 at Len & Fin in Varberg.

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