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Derma Scanner

Derma Scanner

Seeing what the eye cannot see

Perform skin analysis, patients can now ensure skin development for recommended treatments/products. Derma Scanner diagnoses skin conditions and display the result in an easy and clear way.

Want to know more?

Visual treatment results

By comparing skin analyzes, you see the results achieved with a particular treatment or product used on the skin.





Wrinkles and lines

Sun damage

Moisture balance

General skin condition

Blood circulation


Derma Scanner shows graphs with detailed information that the customer can enjoy. It summarizes differences and similarities between the scanned skin and "standard skin" concerning pores, wrinkles, sebum, pigmentations, tone and turgor (elasticity and moisture).

Skin sensor

With the skin sensor you can measure skin moisture throughout the body. The results are included in the software and appropriate treatment method can be recommended to the customer afterwards.

Technical Data

System Skin analyzer
Power consumption 50W (max)
Dimensions (cm) 30 X 37 X 48
Weight 0.8kg

Technical requirements

OS Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
CPU > Pentium (IV)
VGA > 32MB Video memory
HDD > 10GB
Screen Resolution 1024x768

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