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Diodus 808

Diode laser

Diodus 808

Diode laser is the obvious choice for permanent hair removal.

Unlike traditional IPL, Diodus has a significantly lower operating cost of 10 million pulses in the applicator. Diode laser is a fast, safe and basically pain free method of hair removal. With Diodus you can also work on dark skin types.

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Fast and pain-free treatment

With Diodus, hair removal is done quickly and efficiently with minimal risk of skin damage. Thanks to a combination of on-motion mode, where you gradually develop a heat boost in the hair follicle, as well as the powerful cooling system that cools out the skin without affecting the heat of the hair follicles. Diodus light pulses are experienced as hot sticks but are pain free.

Diodus 808 indications:

  • Hair removal

Secure system

The Diodus 808 is equipped with a self-test system that measures critical values such as water level, water temperature, water pressure and Crystal temperature. To ensures that all security systems are Functioning before using the system and to protect the patients.

Intuitive software

The software in Diodus has preset parameters for the 10 most common areas of hair removal. This makes the system very easy to use with perhaps only a fine-tuning of parameters for adaptation to the individual patient.

Technical Data

Type of treatment Diode laser
Control Panel 10.4“ TFT Color touch screen
Wavelength 808nm±10nm
Pulse width 2.9-348 ms
Energy Density Max 120J/cm2 (HR), 25J/cm2 (FHR)
Frequency 1, 2, 3 & 10 Hz
Spot size 12×12 mm
Output power 500 W
Number of pulses 10 miljoner
Cooling system Vattenkylning
Dimensions 38x54x120 cm
Weight 55 kg

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