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Victus Inject – Fillers

Combine treatments with fillers

Victus Medical Group AB is Sweden’s leading supplier of aesthetic systems and our overall concept with a very broad product portfolio makes us unique in the market. With the market’s most advanced optical energy technologies, Victus today delivers solutions in areas like sun damage, pigmentation, skin structure, scarring, skin rejuvenation, etc. Combining optical energy treatments with different types of fillers is a large and growing area.


Victus Medical Group AB is looking responsibly, and with critical eyes, constantly for safe and effective products in this area. Our aim for you as a trader always to have a qualitative and secure product portfolio requires us to process the market with flexibility, presence and speed. To achieve this, we collaborate with Victus with various prominent manufacturers around the world and today offer a unique portfolio of fillers products.

Our concept

Our portfolio of calcium hydroxyl-apatite and hyaluronan-based products has many unique competitive advantages and distinguishes our customers from the rest of the market. Our overall concept of training, support, market support and physical presence based on your needs is also a crucial success factor for you in your business. In cooperation with prominent doctors, teachers and other experts around the world, we offer a skills bank with seminars and courses that continually increase your knowledge and keep you up to date with the very latest in this market.


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