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Fraxium 1550 Fusion


Fraxium 1550 Fusion

A fractional laser with new technology

The technology is based on an erbium-based laser with intelligent software which enables it to work at different depths in the skin at the same time, thus creating a healing process, for example, scars and stretch marks.

With erbium as the element of the laser you shorten the convalescence from several days’ recovery to a few hours, as treatment is completely woundless (Non ablative). With Fraxium 1550 Fusion you can achieve skin growth, treat skin ruptures and scars.

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Minimized downtime

Unlike a traditional CO2 laser, where about 80% of the skin's water molecules are vaporized and most of the energy thus disappears, Fraxium absorbs only 5-7% of the skin's water molecules. This means both a significantly deeper and more comfortable treatment of the skin, but also a barely noticeable effect on the skin. Recovery and healing time is negligible. With Fraxium 1550 Fusion, you can treat all skin types within the Fitzpatrick scale. The equipment is certified and approved for cosmetic use in hospitals and clinics; for wrinkle treatment, for treating smooth skin as well as for skin rejuvenation.

Erbium in Fraxium 1550 Fusion

Erbium is a very rare and extremely expensive substance, and one of the major differences between Fraxium 1550 Fusion and other systems is that the laser tubes in a Fraxium 1550 Fusion are filled with Erbium gas instead of carbon dioxide. The treatment and treatment method of Fraxium 1550 Fusion is similar in many ways to a treatment with a carbon dioxide laser, but with the crucial difference that Fraxium treatment does not lead to any actual recovery and downtime, while the treatment results are getting better and even lasting. The recovery time is very short and the treatment only leaves a feeling of a light sun tanning. That feeling will disappear soon after a few hours and you can return to work and daily activities immediately after treatment.

Fraxium 1550 Fusion indications:

  • Wrinkles
  • Skin with poor tension and elasticity
  • Acne scars
  • Outer vessels
  • Sunburned skin
  • Large pores
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Stretch marks
  • Skin rupture

Technical Data

System type Fractional Erbium
Glass fiber Laser
Output Power 20W
Wave-length 1550 nm
Focused spot diameter 50 – 150 μm
Wave-length aiming beam 635 nm
Energy 2-200 mJ
Pulse delay 1-100 ms
Dimensions (cm) 38x54x123
Weight 45 Kg



Kejsarsnittet har blivit behandlat 5 gånger med Fraxium 1550 Fusion.


Brännskadan är behandlad 5 gånger med Fraxium 1550 Fusion, tydlig minskad rodnad.


Akne behandlad 1 gång med Fraxium 1550 Fusion.


Bristningar behandlade 3 gånger med Fraxium 1550 Fusion hos vår referensklinik Kräm hudvårdsstudio i Malmö.


Rosacea behandlat 4 gånger med Fraxium 1550 Fusion hos vår referensklinik Kräm hudvårdsstudio i Malmö.

Stora porer

Stora porer behandlat 1 gång med Fraxium 1550 Fusion.

Beautyculture by Janine har höga krav på våra behandlingsresultat. Därför använder jag bara de bästa produkterna och de bästa leverantörerna. Victus koncept och Fraxium Fusion 1550 gör det möjligt för mig på Beautyculture by Janine att uppnå det nästan omöjliga. Jag behandlar allt från svåra akneärr till att göra enastående hudföryngrande behandlingar. Mina kunder är nöjda och då är jag det också! Janine Bichara, Beautyculture by Janine
För mig innebar Victus koncept nya möjligheter!

Att kunna erbjuda fantastiska resultat som kunderna inte tvekar att betala för, har för mig inneburit NÖJDA KUNDER OCH ÖKAD LÖNSAMHET. Marielle Wallinder, Marielles Hud & Kosmetik

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