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Omorphia 20

Aesthetic body sculpture with safe cavitation technique

Ultrasonic pulses only pass through tissues (skin and fat) that you want to treat. The risk that people consider with traditional cavitation, which has caused the technology and treatment method to be questioned in some countries, has thereby been minimized with Omorphia 20. When the fat cells are blown apart by the ultrasound, the fat particles are melted with Omorphia’s other hand-pieces and techniques. This combination of treatment techniques provides a pain free and risk-free body-shaping without surgery technology.

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Cavitation technology

With the ultrasonic hand-piece, the fat tissue you want to treat are sucked by vacuum. Thereafter, the ultrasonic pulses pass only through the fat tissue contained in the "cup". In this way you can only treat the targeted fat cells pulses without affecting other tissues and organs.

Large hand-piece

However, this hand-piece finishes the area treated with cavitation with four different techniques; Radio frequency, infrared light, vacuum and mechanical massage.

omorphia 20 handtag 2
Small hand-piece

This hand-piece is treated in the same way as the big but with three different techniques; Radio frequency, infrared light, and vacuum. Because it's smaller, you work smoother and in smaller areas such as your arms and legs or focus on a smaller area of the body.

Facial Hand-piece

A smaller hand-piece to treat the face and throat. Radio frequency, infrared light and vacuum stimulate skin production of Collagen and Elastin. This provides a more elastic skin and a fine face lift with wrinkle reduction.

Omorphia 20 indications:

  • Black circle around eyelid removal, wrinkle around eyelid improvement and pouch improvement
  • Cellulite
  • Upper eyelid lifting and wrinkle removal
  • Body contouring after birth
  • Body re-shaping, reduce fat of waist
  • Generalized obesity, localized adiposity, fat dissolving, skin tightening (arm, leg, shoulder and back, mountaineering shoe, buttocks)
  • Alleviate arthritis pain and whole body physical therapy
  • Stretch mark improvement
  • Effectively decrease the time for losing weight

5 different technologies

Omorphia 20 uses a unique combination of five different techniques:
• Cavitation
• Radio frequency technology
• Infrared light
• Vacuum massage
• Mechanical massage

1. Cavitation

Cavitation technology in itself means that the ultrasound causes the fat cells to vibrate so fast (high frequency) so vacuum bubbles are formed in the cell. As a consequence, the outer casing of the fat cells (the membrane) is "blown out" and the fat ends outside the cells. Outside of the membrane, the fat can be broken down to rapidly accessible energy, which is then taken up in the blood or transported by lymph nodes, after which they are either burned or stored in other fat cells elsewhere in the body.

2. Radio frequency

Radio Frequency (RF) is a well proven technology that has been used in surgery for over 70 years. Radio frequency heats the water molecules into the subcutaneous tissue so that the fat tissue warms up and increases metabolism, which drains the fat cells and decrease in size.

3. Infra-red light

Infrared light (IR) has a direct and very positive effect on muscles and joints. IR increases the oxygenation in the cells and gives a warming effect, which leads to increase in the endorphin production that relieves pain and stiffness in muscles and joints. IR also strengthens the elasticity of the connective tissue and increases lymph and blood circulation. When treating the skin in, for example, the face with IR, clogged pores are opened, gray and glossy skin gets a new and finer luster.

4. Vacuum massage

The vacuum massages lift, mold and massage the skin deep and on the surface. The massage also increases the blood circulation, which in turn leads to the release of fat from the fat cells. The massage further provides a tightening of the skin.

5. Mechanical massage

The mechanical massage works profoundly on densified connective tissues. The mechanical massage rollers enhance the skin's cell-generating activity, resulting in thickened fat deposits being drained.

Technical Data

System type Cavitation, RF, IR, Vacuum and Mechanical massage
RF energy 60 J/cm³ (max)
RF Frequency 1 MHz
Wavelength laser 940 nm
Power laser 20 W (max)
Vacuum levels 9
Rev roller 0-36 rpm
Cavitation frequency 40 kHz
Cavitation power 60 W (max)
No of Nozzles 6 set
Control panel 12.1” TFT Color-touch
Dimensions 62cm x 52cm x 107cm
Weight 55 Kg


Omorphia 20 - 10 Behandlingar

Behandlad rygg med Omorphia 20, minskade fettdepåer och slankare och kvinnligare midja.

Omorphia 20 - 10 Behandlingar

Slankare midja, minskade två storlekar i byxor efter behandling.

Omorphia Radiofrekvens

En behandling med Omorphia 20, minskade rynkor och ett lyckat ansiktslyft.

Omorphia 20 - 10 behandlingar

Kraftigt minskat omfång och finare konturer.
Behandlat av www.hudcompagniet.se

Omorphia 20 - 10 behandlingar

Kraftigt minskade fettdepåer och betydligt slankare midja.
Behandlat av www.zandrasklinik.se

Vi har nu kört Omorphia 20 i ett år och vår erfarenhet är att omfång minskar med 1 cm per behandling. De flesta kunder vi haft har gått 5 behandlingar och har ett resultat på 5 – 6 cm i minskat omfång runt magen. Lisbeth Bärenholdt, Aliba Friskvård
Att kunna behandla ansikte och kropp i samma behandling med direkta resultat är otroligt. Jenny Andersson, Hudcompagniet i Malmö
Att se kundens glädje efter våra Omorphia-behandlingar är helt fantastiskt. Jenny Andersson, Hudcompagniet i Malmö

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