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Refine RF+

Radiofrekvens Refine RF+

Refine RF+

Radio frequency is the perfect complement to all beauty treatments

With Refine RF +, you can offer a smooth and efficient radio frequency treatment that adds an increased lust and luster to your skin.

With Refine RF + you can treat over the year and off all skin types.

Want to know more?

Two hand-pieces

Two hand-pieces of different sizes create precision in specific areas. Because the frequency is adjustable, Refine RF + can deliver a controlled thermal energy at three different depths of the skin (1.5 mm, 2.5 mm or 4 mm) depending on what you want to treat.

Cooling system

The Refine RF + also has a built-in water-based cooling system which prevent over heating to the skin.

Refine RF+ indications:

  • Skin tightening
  • Face lift
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Increased elasticity
  • Increased luster
  • Lymph and blood circulation

Radio frequency

Radio frequency is a pain free, non-surgical method which is a well proven technology and has been used for a long time in surgery. The radio frequency heats up and stimulates the collagen in the skin. When the fibroblasts heats up, they shrink first, and you feel a contraction of the skin. The heat development of the skin causes the collagen to be recovered by repairing and recovering old and damaged collagen. The effect becomes a direct skin tightening but also a long-term effect on smooth skin, wrinkles and ruptures. Blood circulation and lymph circulation are also affected by the radio frequency, which causes swelling to diminish.


Also fat cells are affected when the radio frequency warms up the water molecules in the subcutaneous tissue. As the fatty tissue warms up, metabolism increases, which drains fat cells which decrease the size.

Technical Data

System type Radio frequency
Control panel 10.4” TFT colored-touch
Frequency 0,5 MHz, 0,75 MHz or 1 MHz
Energy levels 1-10
Energy density 7 J/cm3 -70 J/cm3
Dimensions 40x50x110 cm
Weight (with stand) 35 Kg

Hand piece

Hand-piece 1 Hand-piece 2
Spot Size 2 cm2 3,2 cm2
RF-type Mono-polar Mono-polar

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