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Solution by DNA

Solution by DNA

The next generation of advanced skin care

As the first in Scandinavia and one of the first in the world, Victus Medical presents the next generation of skin care, based on the individual’s DNA. With the help of DNA testing, we have, together with our partners, developed a unique formula that compiles the skin’s genetic weaknesses and thus enables the production of a serum based on the individual’s DNA.

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When we do a skin analysis at a therapist, the skin is divided into different skin types – normal, dry, oily or combined skin. This is something we are born with and nothing you can change. Another category that is usually mentioned is sensitive skin. In addition to skin types, we also talk about various skin problems such as acne, redness, wrinkles, dull skin and pigment stains.

In the skin analysis, the skin is classified by visible signs, we look at superficial changes and try to understand what may have caused them. Often we can see that an injury has occurred, but does not know why a certain person is affected and not another. What happened at the cellular level, in each individual person, we have not had so much knowledge about in the past.

With the help of a Solution by DNA analysis, we can now accurately understand the skin’s genetic strengths and weaknesses. Based on the analysis, we can formulate a serum to compensate for these genetic weaknesses and let the skin works optimally and normally.


With the help of our partners and an accredited laboratory in Australia, more than 15,000 DNA tests have been analyzed. Of over 6800 genes examined, 16 genetic markers or SNPS (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism, pronounced ”snips”) that control skin aging was found. Through analysis of these 16 SNP’s, the skin can be divided into completely different categories than normal, dry, oily and combined skin.

Now, at DNA level, we understand why the skin ages and even why it ages differently in different individuals.

The different categories we see with DNA analysis and then can counter are:

  • Firmness and elasticity
  • Glycation (degradation of the collagen)
  • Sun damage and pigmentation
  • Damage from free radicals
  • Sensitivity and inflammation

Solution by DNA consists of:


As a salon / clinic, you perform the DNA test on the client / patient. The tests are then sent to our laboratory for analysis and results in a report detailing the genetic strengths and weaknesses of the skin.

The solution by the DNA test is permanently destroyed seven days after it has arrived at the laboratory. The test only measures the genetic strengths and weaknesses of the skin and does not map other diseases.


A software extracts data from the DNA analysis and performs calculations on how the serum's concentration and order of ingredients are formulated to accurately match the genetic weaknesses of the skin. The DNA Report is available to the customer in a personal login where also the customer's INCI for the composition of the serum can be found.

The formula is then stored in a secure database for easy ordering of a new serum.


The ingredients used to manufacture the customer's unique DNA-based serum are at the frontedge of research to compensate for the weaknesses of the skin in the best possible way. This serum is then tailored to a specific individual's unique DNA and has little or no effect on someone else's skin.

The serum is delivered in a specially designed box to the clinics where the customers can pick up their serums.

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