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Add a perfect result to your traditional treatments

Victus Clinic’s Synergi+ is designed to further enhance the effect of the Solution by Victus professional products and is the perfect complement to traditional beauty treatments. This equipment enhances the results of your other treatments with its effective treatment in four stages. With Synergi+ you can treat all year round and on all skin types.

Synergi+ have four hand-pieces and comes with unique products in the Solution by Victus Professional for Synergi+ series.

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Deep Wash Technology

Vacuum with a specially designed top forms micro-bubbles that blend with nourishing liquids and provide a deep cleansing effect that exfoliates and nourishes the skin. In three different steps, the skin is cleansed with Deep Wash Solutions for a perfect face cleaning.

Active Skin Technology

This hand-piece creates a reaction (Bohr effect) in the skin using an active carbonic acid tablet together with any of the two gels supplied. This leads to an increased blood circulation, cell renewal and oxygen levels in the blood but also lower pH. Dilution of Keep It Bright Gel's active ingredients in the skin also results in even skin tone, reduced pigmentation and a peeling effect. All U Need Gel has a skin rejuvenating effect that is resilient and heavily moisturizing.

Keep It Young Technology

This traditional radio frequency hand-piece (four poles) warms up the skin and stimulates fibroblasts, for a direct visible tightening and skin rejuvenating effect.

Deep Inject Technology

High-frequency ultrasound generates heat and stimulates the skin in depth while creating spaces between the cells, which allow the active substance to penetrate deep into the skin. Treatment with Renew Yourself Injector (Active Hyaluronic) speeds up the metabolism of skin cells, increases blood circulation, reduces pores, moisturizes and gives a good skin glow.

Synergi+ indications:

  • Uneven skin tone
  • Large pores
  • Lines / Wrinkles
  • Bags / rings under the eyes
  • Dry skin
  • Pigmentations

Treatment guidelines

We provide suggestions for different treatments and treatments that combine the different hand-pieces so you can easily choose a suitable treatment for your customer. Treatments with Synergi+ are also combined with the advantage of your traditional facial treatments.

Solution by Victus Professional

For all treatments, unique products are used from Solution by Victus Professional for Synergi+ series developed by Victus Clinic.

Victus Clinic is not responsible for skin damage caused by the use of third part products.

Technical Data

Vacuum pressure 25-90 kPa
Bubble size 10 μm
Energy Level 10-100 (step by 10)
RF number of poles 4
RF energy level 10-100 (step by 10)
RF frequency 1 MHz
Ultrasound energy level 10-100 (step by 10)
Ultrasound frequency 1 MHz
Dimensions 50x46x105 cm
Weight 20 kg


Synergi+ - 1 treatment

Bags / rings under the eyes treated once with Synergi+

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