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triodus diode laser


Diode laser with three wavelengths – treat all skin types and hair colors

Triodus – the next generation of diode lasers, the obvious choice for permenenant hair reduction. Triodus is a powerful diode laser with a large spot size that performs hair removal with three different wavelengths (755, 808 & 1064 nm), resulting in safer treatments, better results to treat more skin and hair types and in a completely pain free treatment. In addition, operating costs are basically non-existent with 20 million pulses in each hand-piece.

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cooling system

Triodus has an advanced cooling system that combines water and air cooling with a powerful cooling compressor. The handle's crystal keeps a temperature of 4° C during treatment and the temperature is constantly monitored by the system to prevent the crystal from overheating. Fans are located in different strategic locations to make sure the machine and water cool down so you can use Triodus for a full day without problems with overheating.


For safe and efficient treatments, a smart display on the hand-piece shows when the total energy for the area is reached.

spot size

Triodus has one of the market's largest spot size of 12x20 mm, which increases the penetration depth and it will result in more efficient and faster treatments.

self test

Triodus is equipped with a self-test system that measures critical values such as water level, water temperature, water pressure and crystal temperature. This ensures that all security systems are working before and during treatments.

Triodus indications:

  • Permanent hair reduction

755 nm

755 nm offers the most powerful energy absorption of melanin, making it ideal for a wide range of hair types and hair color - but especially lighter and thinner hair on bright skin types. (Fitzpatrick I-IV)

808 nm

The classic wavelength of diode laser, 808 nm, gives a deeper penetration. The wavelength has a moderate melanin absorption that makes it safe for darker hair on darker skin types.

1064 nm

1064 nm has a high absorption in hemoglobin and is most suitable for dark skin types since the absorption in melanin is low and the risk of interaction with melanin in the skin is minimized. (Fitzpatrick V-VI)

Technical Data

Type of treatment Diode laser
Standards Medical CE
Laser type 4
Control Panel 12,1" android based touch-screen
Cooling system Cooling compressor + Air + Water
Electrical Requirements 110 - 240 VAC, 50 - 60 Hz; 2600 VA
Dimensions 48 (D) x 54 (W) x 106 (H) cm
Weight 55 Kg

Hand piece

Wavelength 755 nm 808 nm 1064 nm
Pulse width 5 - 400 ms 5 - 400 ms 10 - 400 ms
Spot size 12 x 20 mm 12 x 20 mm 12 x 20 mm
Repetition Rate 1 - 10 Hz 1 - 10 Hz 1 - 10 Hz
Fluence 1 - 120 J/cm2 1 - 120 J/cm2 1 - 120 J/cm2
Laser power 1000 W 1000 W 600 W

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